'Copyfight', Critical Keywords for the Digital Humanities (Lüneburg: Centre for Digital Cultures, Leuphana University, 2014).

Open Education: A Study in Disruption (London: Rowman and Littlefield International, 2014) - book co-authored by Coventry’s Open Media Group and Mute Publishing, and designed as a critical experiment with collaborative, processual writing. (Open access version available here.)

A performative project Janneke Adema has put together, based on our ‘The Political Nature of the Book: On Artists’ Books and Radical Open Access’ article for New Formations.


'Towards a Post-Digital Humanities: Cultural Analytics and the Computational Turn to Data-Driven Scholarship', American Literature, Volume 85, Number 4, December, 2013.

Pirate Philosophy

'Pirate Radical Philosophy', Radical Philosophy: A Journal of Socialist and Feminist Philosophy, 173, May/June, 2012.

Piracy and the law

Lecture on pirate philosophy

Special issue of Culture Machine on pirate philosophy

Open Access

Most of Gary's work is freely available to read and download either here, in the OA archive CSeARCH or in Coventry University's online repository CURVE here

'The Political Nature of the Book: On Artists' Books and Radical Open Access' (co-authored with Janneke Adema), Materialities of the Text issue of New Formations, Number 78, Summer, 2013.

Forget the Book: Writing in the Age of Digital Publishing, with Doug Sery, Sean Cubitt and Sarah Kember, CREATe at Goldsmiths, University of London, 25 May, 2013.

Lecture on 'Radical open access in the humanities: or, will the future editors of Žižek have to publish his tweets?' at Columbia University


Gary as seen by Daniel Rozin's 'Mirror No.10' - ‘A photo paralyzes me, it freezes my life into an instant, it negates my ability to transform into something else. I become a “character”, a stopgap used to quickly fill a page layout, an instrument that amplifies banality’ (Wu Ming)Gary Hall is a writer, media theorist, activist scholar and publisher working at the intersection of philosophy, art and politics. He is Professor of Media in the School of Art and Design, and Director of the Centre for Disruptive Media, at Coventry University, UK, as well as visiting professor at the Hybrid Publishing Lab – Leuphana Inkubator, Leuphana University, Germany. He is author of Culture in Bits (Continuum, 2002) and Digitize This Book! (Minnesota UP, 2008), co-author of Open Education: A Study in Disruption (Rowman and Littlefield International, 2014), and co-editor of New Cultural Studies: Adventures in Theory (Edinburgh UP, 2006) and Experimenting  (Fordham UP, 2007). He is also author/editor/curator of two more experimental books: Digitize Me, Visualize Me, Search Me (Open Humanities Press, 2011); and (with Clare Birchall) New Cultural Studies: The Liquid Theory Reader (Open Humanities Press, 2009). He has recently completed a new monograph, Pirate Philosophy, for MIT Press. 

In 1999 with Dave Boothroyd he founded the critical and cultural theory journal Culture Machine, a pioneer of open access in the humanities. In 2006 with Sigi Jottkandt and David Ottina he established Open Humanities Press (OHP). The first open access publisher dedicated to critical and cultural theory, OHP was launched publically in 2008 by an international group of scholars including Alain Badiou, Jonathan Culler, Steven Greenblatt, Lawrence Grossberg, Donna Haraway, N. Katherine Hayles, Bruno Latour, Alan Liu, Antonio Negri and Gayatri Spivak. OHP’s open access monograph project - run in collaboration with Michigan Publishing at the University of Michigan in its first five-year phase - was launched in 2009. It includes the Culture Machine Liquid Books series he edits with Clare Birchall. Together with Joanna Zylinska and Clare Birchall he also edits Living Books about Lifea Jisc-funded series of twenty-five open access books about life - with life understood both philosophically and biologically - that provides a bridge between the humanities and the sciences. In 2010 he was visiting fellow in The Centre for Research in the Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences (CRASSH) at the University of Cambridge. 

He has given lectures and seminars at major universities and institutions around the world including the Australian National University, Columbia University, European University Institute, University of Heidelberg, University of Calfornia, Irvine, K.U. Leuven, Lund University, Monash University, New York University, University of Southern California, and the Reina Sofia Museum.  With over thirty peer-reviewed publications in edited books and academic journals including American Literature, Angelaki, Cultural Studies, Journal of Visual Culture, New Formations, The Oxford Literary Review and Radical Philosophy, his work has been translated into Chinese, Japanese, Turkish, Russian and Slovenian. He is currently developing a series of politico-institutional interventions - dubbed activist scholarship - which draw on digital media to actualise or creatively perform critical theory; and completing two new monographs, Media Gifts and Capitalism and Inhumanism.