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Two new open access books in OHP's Critical Climate Change series

Open Humanities Press is delighted to release two new open access books in its Critical Climate Change series:

Telemorphosis: Theory in the Era of Climate Change, vol.1 — edited by Tom Cohen (University at Albany)

Freely available at: http://openhumanitiespress.org/telemorphosis.html

The writers in the volume ask, implicitly, how the 21st century horizons that exceed any political, economic, or conceptual models alters or redefines a series of key topoi. These range through figures of sexual difference, bioethics, care, species invasion, war, post-carbon thought, ecotechnics, time, and so on. As such, the volume is also a dossier on what metamorphoses await the legacies of “humanistic” thought in adapting to, or rethinking, the other materialities that impinge of contemporary “life as we know it.”

# Introduction: Murmurations—“Climate Change” and the Defacement of Theory
Tom Cohen

# 1. Time
Robert Markley

# 2. Ecotechnics
J. Hillis Miller

# 3. Care
Bernard Stiegler

# 4. Unicity
Justin Read

# 5. Scale
Timothy Clark

# 6. Sexual Indifference
Claire Colebrook

# 7. Nonspecies Invasion
Jason Groves

# 8. Bioethics
Joanna Zylinska

# 9. Post-Trauma
Catherine Malabou

# 10. Ecologies of War
Mike Hill

# 11. Notes Toward a Post-Carbon Philosophy
Martin McQuillan

# 12. Health
Eduardo Cadava and Tom Cohen


Impasses of the Post-Global: Theory in the Era of Climate Change, vol.2 — edited by Henry Sussman (Yale University)

Freely available at: http://openhumanitiespress.org/impasses-of-the-post-global.html

The diverse materials comprising Impasses of the Post-Global take as their starting point an interrelated, if seemingly endless sequence of current ecological, demographic, socio-political, economic, and informational disasters. These include the contemporary discourses of deconstruction, climate change, ecological imbalance and despoilment, sustainability, security, economic bailout, auto-immunity, and globalization itself.

# Introduction: Spills, Countercurrents, Sinks
Henry Sussman and Jason Groves

# 1. Anecographics: Climate Change and “Late” Deconstruction
Tom Cohen

# 2. Autopoiesis and the Planet
Bruce Clarke

# 3. Of Survival: Climate Change and Uncanny Landscape in the Photography of Subhankar Banerjee
Yates McKee

# 4. Global Warming as a Manifestation of Garbage
Tian Song

# 5. The Physical Reality of Water Shapes
James H. Bunn

# 6. Sacrifice Mimesis, and the Theorizing of Victimhood (A Speculative Essay)
Rey Chow

# 7. Security: From “National” to “Homeland” … and Beyond
Samuel Weber

# 8. Common Political Democracy: The Marrano Register
Alberto Moreiras

# 9. Bare Life
Ewa Plonowska Ziarek

# 10. Sustainability
Haun Saussy

# 11. The Global Unworld: A Meditative Manifesto
Krzysztof Ziarek

# 12. Bailout
Randy Martin

# 13. Auto-Immunity
Henry Sussman

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