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Videos from the first Disrupting the Humanities seminar

The videos from the first Disrupting the Humanities  seminar are now online.

Disrupting the Humanities is a series of 3 half-day seminars looking at research and scholarship in a 'posthumanities' context, organised by the Centre for Disruptive Media at Coventry University, and held over the course of spring and summer, 2014. Disrupting the Humanities both critically engages with the humanist legacy of the humanities, and creatively explores alternative and affirmative possible futures for the humanities.

The first seminar, Disrupting the Scholarly Establishment: How To Create Alternative and Affirmative Humanities Institutions, took place on Friday March 7th, 2014 at Coventry University.

Sarah Kember (Goldsmiths/CREATe)
Endre Dányi (Mattering Press)
Craig Saper (University of Maryland, Baltimore County)
Karen Newman (Coventry University)
Mark Amerika (The University of Colorado Boulder)

Please note: Although the videos have been edited, this isn't a 'normal' edit as we have tried to make the videos more 'interactive' by annotating them: i.e. by adding references to the websites, projects, persons and concepts  mentioned in the talks, as well as by inserting tweets from the participants. For more details, see the 'Experiments in Editing' post on the Disruptive Media blog. (It's also available on Janneke Adema's Open Reflections.)

All the videos can be found on the Disruptive Media wiki here:


And on a separate YouTube channel here:


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