The Inhumanist Manifesto: Extended Play (Techne Lab, 2017)

'The Inhumanist Manifesto', Media Theory, Vol. 1, No.1, 2017.

The Uberfication of the University (Open access Forerunners series version available here; as of April 4 2017 an interactive Manifold series version is available here.)

Públicos Fantasma - La Naturaleza Política Del Libro - La Red (Mexico: Taller de Ediciones Económicas, 2016) - new book, co-authored with Andrew Murphie, Janneke Adema and Alessandro Ludovico. 

'Posthumanities: The Dark Side of "The Dark Side of the Digital"' (with Janneke Adema), in Janneke Adema and Gary Hall, eds, Disrupting the Humanities: Towards Posthumanities, Journal of Electronic PublishingVol. 9, No.2, Winter, 2016.

Open Access

Most of Gary's work is freely available to read and download either here in Media Gifts or in Coventry University's online repository CURVE here 

Radical Open Access 

performative project Janneke Adema has put together, based on our ‘The Political Nature of the Book: On Artists’ Books and Radical Open Access’ article for New Formations, Number 78, Summer, 2013. 

'What Does's Success Mean for Open Access: The Data-Driven World of Search Engines and Social Networking', Ctrl-Z: New Media Philosophy, no.5, 2015.

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Performative Publications

Now live: the performative project Janneke Adema has put together to create an alternative take on, and artist’s book out of, ‘The Political Nature of the Book: On Artists’ Books and Radical Open Access’. This is an article Janneke and I wrote together, the original version of which was published in New Formations last year.

The project is part of a larger programme of research on performative publications Janneke is carrying out. It is available at and consists of a website and accompanying posters, which have both been designed by Coventry University 2nd year design students Nabaa Baqir, Mila Spasova and Serhan Curti.

Information about the different multimedial ways of engaging with the text both online and offline, together with some of Janneke's thoughts on the concept of performative publications, and reflections on how this particular project was conceived and developed, are available on her Open Reflections blog as well as that of the Centre for Disruptive Media.

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