Masked Media (unlimited edition paper-only pamphlet published for The House That Heals The Soul, Tetley, Leeds, 2018) 

 The Inhumanist Manifesto: Extended Play (Techne Lab, 2017)

The Uberfication of the University (Open access Forerunners series version available here; as of April 4 2017 an interactive Manifold series version is available here.)

Open Access

Most of Gary's work is freely available to read and download either here in Media Gifts or in Coventry University's online repository CURVE here 

Radical Open Access 

performative project Janneke Adema has put together, based on our ‘The Political Nature of the Book: On Artists’ Books and Radical Open Access’ article for New Formations, Number 78, Summer, 2013. 

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Digital Humanities and Digital Media: Conversations on Politics, Culture, Aesthetics and Literacy - new book from OHP

We are delighted to announce a new book in the Fibreculture Books series.

Roberto Simanowski's Digital Humanities and Digital Media: Conversations on Politics, Culture, Aesthetics and Literacy.

With Johanna Drucker, John Cayley, Erick Fellinto, Ulrik Ekman, Mihai Nadin, Nick Montfort, Rodney Jones, Diane Favro, Kathleen Komar, Todd Presner, Willeke Wendrich, N. Katherine Hayles, Jay David Bolter and Bernard Stiegler.

In this lively and engaging book, Roberto Simanowski interviews key figures in the Digital Humanities, shedding new light on the intersections between digital humanities, digital media studies and the current state of digital media development. Simanowski is a skilled interviewer who strikes a good balance between allowing digressions and unexpected directions, while focusing the discussions on shared key points.'
The pdf and online versions of the book are of course available for free:

Our thanks to Andrew Murphie (Series editor) and Athina Karatzogianni (Title editor).
Sigi, David, Gary

Open Humanities Press

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